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Grow With Me Training Class Ticket

Grow With Me Training Class Ticket

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At Elevated STL, our mission is to help growers get quality product and we are passionate about educating people on how to do just that. Whether you’re brand new to growing or you’ve been at it for a while and are really looking to dial in your process, I created this class for YOU.

What: Hands-On, In-person Seed-to-Storage training.

16 weeks of classes that take you from setting up and planning to the finished product and everything you can imagine in between.

You’ll receive resource material during class and have access to ask any questions you have.

You also get to see the entire process up close and personal in real time week to week as the plants grow and change.

When: Classes will be held bi weekly   (sign up to receive updates on our next session)

Our first class will be 90 minutes, each following will be 60 minutes.

Why?: Because we can all keep learning.
What if you could cut out some of the trial and error from your setup and skip right to the best finished product you could imagine?

Because growing doesn’t have to consume all of your time and I can show you how to dial it in so that isn’t the case.

Because I’ve been committed to this for over 4 years and have perfected a system that I’m confident will be beneficial to anyone who attends this class.

Because having hands on experience and training like this is priceless and the best way to truly see and learn the whole process better.

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