At Elevated STL, Our mission is to help more people grow their own medicine.

We offer multiple options designed to set you up to have what you need to have a successful grow-

  • Consultation

    This is for the grower who wants to learn side by side our experts. Our theory is - let us teach you the right way to fit a grow into your life so you have the confidence to continue to grow for yourself well into the years to come.

    Available at different tiers. Learn More Here

  • Caregiver Services

    Growing is time consuming, challenging, and takes up space. We get it; growing is not for everyone. That's why we have created the Elevated STL Caregiver Program.

    We specialize in organically grown medicine that is smooth and high in cannabinoids. Learn More

  • Grow-with-Me Training

    Seed to Storage, this class is designed to show you every step of the process so you can feel confident growing your own plants, as well as how/when to harvest and the best storage tips.

    Classes are hands on, in person, and typically held bi-weekly over a 16 week period. More details here

  • Plant sitting

    Finding someone to keep up with your gardens needs while you're away can be stressful. Leaving them in the hands of someone who's not educated on your plants could end up in disaster.
    Don't worry, We're here for you. We offer Plant Sitting services as well.

    Contact us here for more details.

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