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We offer multiple consulting packages to be able to meet the needs of varying levels of growers.

One time


This package is good for the occasional question that may arise. It includes one 30 minute consultation to diagnose issues/genetics question/general problem solving and troubleshooting

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The Silver package consists of biweekly Zoom consultations of 45 minutes duration, perfect for guidance throughout the initial production cycle.

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Our Gold package is well-suited for first time/inexperienced growers. It includes step-by-step workflow guidance and weekly 45 minute Zoom consultations.

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Our Platinum package offers the most comprehensive support possible for those who desire the most guidance as well as those whose well-being relies upon the tightest quality assurance and stable production. In addition to step-by-step workflow guidance we provide hands-on assistance in during startup, a curated materials and supplies list, weekly 45 minute Zoom consultations, and emergency after-hours access to your personal consultant.

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Please Note: The Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages have a four month minimum contract period.